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BloggingOn 5.2 - Well, sort of...

CT Weblogs, huh? Colin may be dreading the class about cross-platform multi-media sound video nonsense. I was dreading this one. But then, last wednesday I started thinking that maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all... I would just have to embrace it, with patience, compassion and love (or rather, luv).

Maybe I could do my own little CT blog. A daily account of the goings-on on New Britain Ave: the 3am deliveries at the dominos next door (and their ubiquitous cadre of boisterous middle-eatern deliverymen), the crazed nocturnal leafblower... I could borrow a friend's digital camera and take a photo-a-day from my third floor apartment window, maybe even interview some of the folks at the puppy center or jerry's art-O-rama...

Screw that CT. You blew it! Just when I thought I might be charmed by your crisp fall air and your falling leaves, you went and did the only thing I can ever count on you to do... deliver unto me endless-mindless-beauraucratic frustration.

My tale-of-woe begins around this time last year... I was just about to leave for a few months in the Indian subcontinent. I decided that , as I would be out of the country for a bit, it would probably be best to store my car in good ol' NJ (you've never dissapointed me, Garden State) at el casa de parentes. My dad would be driving the car, so I cancelled the insurance in CT so he could add it to his policy in NJ.

At some (completely unspecified time) between last October and this, the CT DMV noticed that my car was no longer insured in CT and CANCELLED THE REGISTRATION. Though they seemed to have no trouble delivering important information regarding automobile property tax and required emissions testing, this particular tidbit of information was apparently not the sort of thing I should be aware of. So it was with some suprise that I came to find out, after my friendly neighborhood po-po randomly ran my plates and pulled me over last Saturday, that I had been driving without valid registration for quite some time.

As you might imagine, this is a relatively serious offense. The sort of offense that involves confiscating your liscense plates and towing your vehicle. It also involves that special double squad car action (that my friend EMiller informs me spells f-e-l-o-n-y), which I believe is designed to embarass as much as intimidate. Honestly, it did neither. I mean, it was actually pretty amusing. The idea that two police officers are required to subdue scrawny, milkfed (or, rather, underfed... or maybe milquetoast?) me, myself and I. I hope the rubber-neckers got as big a kick out of that as I did.

At any rate, several days later and still no satisfying denoument. However, there have been several un-satisfying expenditures... the towing fee, the rental car, the new insurance, the "delinquent" auto tax... and I can look forward to the re-registration fee, the delinquent insurance fine, and whatever else the judge decides will best serve the public interest when I have to go to court next Wednesday.

So... CT? Screw you (and your pathetic little blogs, too).

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  1. Blogger Colin 

    wait. doesn't trhis make you kind of a cT blogger?

  2. Blogger ericdbernasek 

    of course.

    while making a mad dash to city hall yesterday (to pay some "delinquent" auto tax) i was listening to your show a bit. i heard someone mention negativland, though in what context i have no idea. here's some links:


    and the juicy bits...


    too bad their music isn't as interesting as their politics. for the real art of copyright infringement, check out John Oswald


    oh yeah, and CT sucks.

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