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BloggingOn 4.3 - Roger Ailes and Andrew Sullivan

Yeah, I know. It looks like “allies,” doesn’t it? Funny, that. He has no blogroll, but an “enemies list” as long as your arm. Then again, I think those them there are friendlies. Aren’t they? Who the hell knows? This guy can’t seem to form a sentence without being f-thingy.

In fact, Ailes’ blog seems to be the land of the clever one-liners. Check out the comment string on this post. Mystery Science Blogosphere 3000? I have a feeling this is the sort of post that Ailes lives for.

Ailes shares at least one similarity with Andrew Sullivan… they both post about every ten minutes or so. Each of these guys, by-their-lonesome, could turn out more posts in a day than the entire community of Metafilter (almost). But then, their posts are also typically scant. Ailes’ are heavily quote-laden with a few lines before and after for maximum humorous and or cynical effect. While Sullivan’s are heavily quote-laden with a few lines before or after for almost no effect at all.

Sullivan gets points for making links open in a new window, and for the generally attractive format of his site. He loses points for the lack of comments. However, I appreciate the back-catalogue of news articles. It provides some much needed perspective. Most of Sullivan’s posts are barely more than lengthy quotes with links to the original article, or single lines of text with links to the article referenced: “The News I Read Today” By Andrew J. Sullivan… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for official credentials. I could care less that so-and-so writes for such-and-such. I’m far more interested that they have something to say.

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