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BloggingOn 3.3 – Antecedents

Before I get into the thick of it, some random, and unorganized thoughts…

- What’s so frickin’ exciting about some fuzzy underwater pictures of a giant squid? Why is this thing showing up EVERYWHERE!? All of the MegaBlogs I looked at this week mentioned squiddy somewhere or other. Of course, he was on boingboing, too. But, believe it or not, I couldn’t find mention of the pics anywhere on FARK. They were more interested in this Squid related news item. The trademark tantalizing FARK one-liner lead-in is not to be missed: “Giant squids have schlongs as long as their bodies; claim sex has nothing to do with motion of the ocean.” Ah, FARK, you’re so refreshingly unabashed, er… I mean, shamelessly tacky. Personally, I think the old Jules Verne illustrations are a lot more interesting.

- Has everyone received that Bush joke via email? The one about the Brazilian soldiers?

- And what about this Honda Ad? According to Snopes, the implausible backstory is totally legit. Either way, it’s very cool. Most. Assuredly. So. (Again I’m not so concerned with questions of authenticity. Now the sounds, on the other hand… there were some foley artists involved here, right?).

Of course, all of the above could be potential memes, but if I have more time after this post, and before I ingest some food-type-stuff, and before driving like a maniac to class, I think I’ll look into that other (not so, um… appetizing) meme I came across this week.

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