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I think this a perfect candidate for meme of the week, but I'm afraid of what a search for "war pornography" or "gore for porn swap" might turn up. I didn't visit the website, nor am I likely to. This is absolutely sickening, but seems like it has a pretty good chance of making its way around the blogosphere. IMO, it would also be a valid entry into any "why-they-hate-us" conversation.

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  1. Blogger coturnix 

    Please track it and post the results. There has been an explosion of blog commentary on this during the past 3-4 days, though one blogger wrote about it more than a month ago (http://generik.blogspot.com/2005/08/horrors-of-war.html).
    Many are linking to the article in Nation on this (you can use their URL for a search term), or to a post on Billmon's Whiskey Bar (http://billmon.org/archives/002188.html).

    Using URLs (as search-words) to the website, or the newsarticle, or a popular blogger's post on a topic is an excellent way to track a meme.

    Try mine:

  2. Blogger Candice B. 

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