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BloggingOn 7.7 - Postscript

At some point last night Bill mentioned an "elephant in the room". I can't quite remember what he was referring to, but I thought there might've been another lurking around there, too.

It didn't seem appropriate to throw this out there in class (exactly why, I have no idea), so here it is within the "safety" of blogville. Are there any conservatives in our class? Everyone seemed to be assuming that we were among like-minded liberal folk.

I am not a registered republican, but I know I have a few opinions that would not be considered liberal by any stretch of the imagination (insert conspicuously absent link here). Anyone else? Come on, fess' up.

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  1. Anonymous Joe 

    In keeping with our them of the week, I must confess I think prayer in schools is not such a bad idea.

    As long as you let the kids get to deep yogic breathing by Wednesday, devote some gym classes to Sufi dancing, and on Fridays give them the dual exercise of kneeling to face Mecca for morning Allah prayers, then make Hebrew shabbot prayers in the afernoon.

    No kidding.

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