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BloggingOn x.2 - 'Round The Warmth Of The Digital Fire

In class tonight there was a decided shift in enthusiasm when we veered away from the political and indulged in the personal (as Colin noted). It reminded me of the thing that has kept coming up over the last few weeks, another thing that Colin has mentioned from time to time: that no matter what, "it all comes back to" sitting around the camp fire telling stories.

I have an intuitive sense that this is true. The cultural experiences that we indulge in are meant to provide some sense of community and the creation of values through story-telling or myth (that word makes me wary). So here we are, gathered around the digital fire, trying to create a sense of belonging and community in an environment that will never completely deliver.

In the end, isn't it far more illusory than we really need? In the blogosphere, I may be a really happening guy, with a bevy of links proving my value, influence and net worth. However, in my daily life, I may not know my neighbor's first or last name, I'm never going to actually talk to that mysterious woman that I can't stop thinking about, and if I ever do have a conversation with someone, the likelihood we will discuss anything other than the weather or theApprentice is next to none.

If we really are looking for communication and connection why do we seek it out in the least effective places? Why is it easier to be someone on the internet, than it is in real life?

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