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The Things That Are Using Up My Valuable Mental Energy

There are shelves above my toilet, and each time I go to the bathroom I stare at the 6 pack of Cottonelle toilet paper sitting there waiting to be used. I'm really staring at the painfully cute puppy at the top of their corporate logo. I don't really like puppies all that much, it's just that this one is a registered trademark of the Cottonelle Corp (as the little blue TM next to his over-cute mug indicates).

He seems to be a friendly little guy
, as his comments on the Cottenelle site suggest (sorry, no blog): "Wanna play? I wanna play... I love to play. Let's play right now. C'mon, play with me. Click one of these links!" Ugh. I think the authentic puppy voice is lost somewhere in there towards the end. This tidbit, meant to entice you into downloading Cottonelle Puppy wallpaper, is either worse or better: "If I can't sit on your lap, at least I can sit on your laptop."

With all this nonsense, why didn't they bother to give generi-puppy a name!? And while I'm at it, does the Target Dog TM? (who looks suspiciously like Spuds McKenzie's grandpup) have a name? Sadly, yes: "The Bullseye Design and Bullseye Dog are trademarks of Target Brands, Inc."

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