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BloggingOn 2.6 - Just Another Meme In the Crowd?

This showed up on DailyKos a few days ago. Though I'm still nor entirely sure what I'm looking for in a "meme of the week", this one felt right. Here's a link to the original article that inspired the diary on Kos (and there's the accompanying heart-wrenching photo). It's from the UK's DailyMirror. Compare it to this one from the AP Wire (apparently originating in Jacksonville, Arkansas). The quick run-down is this... Brits donated some 400,000 MREs to help with Katrina relief, but because of FDA regulations concerning the importing of meat products, they were likely to be incinerated and nor distributed. While I'd like to believe that the US government has gone vegetarian, the truth of the matter is that the FDA regulations are linked to concerns over mad-cow.

Two days later a search on Technorati pulled up a few concerned bloggers (here and here and here), and a Google search pulled up some 19,000 hits. After scanning through the first few pages of results, it appears that quite a few of these hits are links to the original diary posted on DailyKos.

It seems pretty obvious that Kos can create quite a stir (and this diary was posted by Kos, himself), what's not so obvious is what happens afterward. It was pretty easy to find mention of the original story, but what's happened since then? The internet has undoubtedly increased the speed with which we receive and assimilate information, but if it just amounts to momentary eddies of outrage and never brings about any result, what's the point?

Can anyone else find some evidence of an outcome? What happened to all this food?

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