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After trolling around today, a few off-the-cuff reactions…

One of the more interesting facets of the blogs that address news events or issues is the more personal or behind-the-scenes perspective they give things. This is, of course not wholly good or wholly bad. When most major news coverage seems prefab, like it gets unloaded out of the same sort of box that gets shipped to starbucks franchises around the world, it seems “important” to be reading this stuff. At the same time (and this isn’t the negative part quite yet) it has the air of being the realitytv end of news reporting. It’s somehow more attractive because it’s just someaverageschmoe telling his story .

While reading this stuff is sort of exciting, it is also leaves me sort of empty, like eating a candy bar when you really should have had a meal. It is similar in many ways to the overwhelming success of farenheit911… totally inconsequential. That is to say, there is some feeling of dire importance to getting the message out there and informing the public, but that also comes with the disappointing realization that the people who will read your blog probably already feel quite a bit like you .
No one’s mind is changing all that much about all that much.


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