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People I Guess I Wish I Knew

Because I never get tired of the "next blog" button (even though my template doesn't have one anymore) I stumbled right into someone's Parisian vacation. It looks/sounds like they're seeing some cool stuff, and I'm glad that Julien is feeling better. He sounds like a pretty sharp kid, maybe a cross of the best parts of Calvin _and_ Hobbes:
We had a conversation about the illness the other day...
Julien: I don't like vomiting.
Adrienne: I know it is very unpleasant, I am sorry you got sick.
J: Why did I swallow a bug?
A: You didn't really swallow a bug. Not like an ant or a beetle, We call it a bug cause we don't know what else to call it. Really it is an organism.
J: I know what to call it.
A: What?
J: (with a little smile) A vomiting contest!
A: A vomiting Contest!?! Did you win the contest?
J: No, no one wins the vomiting contest.

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