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No One Receiving

Still in search of more audio... I started a MySpace music account to get some of my old soundz online. Check out these tracks from way-back-when (clicking on these links will download mp3s to your computer):

vinyl (a cut-n-paste fiasco, created entirely from samples of LP wind-off grooves)

61202 (Mayapur/Vrindavana) (this is an excerpt of a longer track, sort of an audio travelogue of my first trip to India)

10.5.01 (abstract, noisy, rareified)

livny (another excerpt, from one of my favorite tracks, a tribute to that end-of-summer feeling)

Or you can listen to streaming audio on my page at MySpace.

Back in the day, I went by a different moniker (read a horrible review, with some other mp3s to download). I never really liked that one, and I don't like the new one either. Prefix-555 has a much better ring to it, but why be catchy when you can be obscure?

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