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BloggingOn x.o.x.o. - Post Class Regret

In putting together the footnotes for that last post, I stumbled onto Leon's "other blog". It's completely in Hungarian (I'm pretty sure), but chock full of personality and brimming over with great pictures. I'm dissapointed that I didn't find it sooner, and that I didn't make more of an effort to connect with its author. My apologies. Cheers Leon!

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  1. Anonymous ericdbernasek 
  2. Anonymous Leon 

    Hey Eric,

    Thank you for your kind words. Isn't it strange? I was feeling a regret myself after our last class. I would have liked to join you to the restaurant on thursday, but I felt it was too late to start getting to know you at this point. Perhaps I was wrong, it's never too late to make an effort to know someone.

    I think you guys are all bright minds, and I regret that I remained such an outsider the whole semester. I've lost touch with the class and the blog reading homework early on, cuz it was my time of getting adjusted to my new life here, trying to figure out how things work and what people are like, which left me with not enough time to get involved with the blogosphere in depth. That's one of the reasons I never spoke a word, it's pretty difficult to comment on something that I couldn't read. Another reason is that our classes were built on an implicit common knowledge of the American public sphere, personalities, news stories, gossips, politics, movies etc., which I lack at the moment.

    I wish I had a chance to talk to any of you in the next semester. But until then, I'll come by your blog every now and then, and try to make up for what I was missing out on.


    And yeah, that's Mattyd. I'm gonna go to West Hartford tomorrow and observe his lessons and hopefully learn some tricks-of-the-trade from him!

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