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BloggingOn 10.6 - Post Class Wrap-Up

Feeling a little something (wistful?), I recorded this little message.

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  1. Blogger Brett 

    Yeah, I felt the same way. I'm definitely going to be upset when class ends, although I'll try my best to keep it to myself. I'm not so sure we are group huggers as such.

  2. Blogger Nile 


    You ARE clever and smart and a little bit snarky, and very witty, which is why it's so great to have you in our class. I feel the same way about class ending.

  3. Blogger Holly 

    Yes... a student expects to 'get to somewhere' between the beginning of a class and the end of it, but with this blogging class, certainly we traveled a path... but that path continues on even though we as a collective unit will now go on separately with our lives. It is kind of sad. This has been a most untraditional sort of class, and I suspect that's what has defined it so well and meaningful.

    I also feel that we somehow contributed hands-on to the pioneering of a potentially powerful tool of communication.

    I also think we had a lot of fun doing it... Cheers!

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