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Western Culture, This Is Your... uh, Culture? [or] Link = Theft [or]
Crap Out There, Now Here

Straight out of a toilet and into your bed. [!!!] These toys are perhaps the most subtle, lovable and harmless way you can physically represent urine and excrement in the form of a plush toy. [!!!]
Please, no one try to best this one. I'm confident that there are far more edifying ways you could spend your creative energies than trying to represent human waste in a more "subtle, lovable and harmless way".

Speaking of collosal wastes of time, here's an idea whose time should never, ever come. One of the many flicks that makes me scratch my head and wonder... when this idea was pitched, one or more Hollywood execs actually said, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, let's pump millions of dollars into it." To be fair - and this is something I should really not admit to - I'll watch it. Maybe not on the big screen, but I'll forfeit two hours of my life to see just exactly what these geniuses decided should come after the Patrick Swayze masterpiece that is Roadhouse. There aren't too many horrible movies I won't watch, truth be told. I saw the last Crocodile Dundee fiasco, after all. In the theatre. Yipes.

To make it worth your while, peruse these suggestions for alternate tag lines.

Also in the world of "maybe we shouldn't" there's this unnecessary remake. I'd like to totally dismiss it, but it's in the able hands of this guy and this guy, who were responsible for this show. It was totally uneven, but sometimes brilliant, and it had far-and-away the best ending to a tv series I have ever seen.

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  1. Blogger Gary Freedman 

    I'm waiting for snot plush toys.

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