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BloggingOn 9.5: Vuh-Log

Avant-garde composer Erik Satie posited (to be echoed later in last century by John Cage, Morton Feldman and the like) that music will always be 80(?) years behind the visual arts. What then of text?

Hoo-reigh for vlogging! Stuff like this, this, and this is so much more (immediately) interesting than your average blog (that last one comes complete with its own treacly vlogging manifesto, courtesy of Coldplay). Blogs are so... well, 2004-presidential-election, after all. Which isn't to say that any of these vlogs will have lasting interest, or that any of it is immediately good. Certainly something can be interesting, but not all that well executed (almost every time the camera comes into focus during that second one, ugh!).

Of the stuff I've seen so far, Colin's "NYC Vlogger" is the most satisfying. He/she(?) understands and manipulates one of the primary limitations of the genre: video downloads of any sort are likely to be choppy and disconnected, why not make that a virtue of your aesthetic?

What is it that I really like about these vlogs? They don't seem to feel obligated to say or do anything in partiular, and they haven't yet settled into a fixed format or aesthetic. I'm sure some trends will start to emerge as I look at more of this stuff, but at this point I get the feeling that the rules of vlogging are not yet codeified in the same way blogs are.

Looking at this stuff reminded me of something from way back in the good ol' 90s... anyone remember this? And if you liked that, how about this or this?

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