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Urgent Note To Self: Walk Away Now And Never Look Back

First a discomfiting though complimentary remark of vague authenticity after class last night, and now this. I don't know what it is about undue praise that makes me feel so painfully uncomfortable. I'd like to think it's a growing aversion to inflammation of the ego, but more than likely it's the fear that I'll be exposed for the carefully executed phony that I am.

I know, I know, one lousy link is worlds away from the nightmare descent into celebrity-induced personality fissures, megalomaniacal disdain for all humanity, and soul-killing dependency on illicit sensual engagement, but I can feel the winds of the abyss whipping lightly around my ears...

So be it. Since it's likely I'll be getting a few more visitors around these parts than would reasonably be expected, I might as well roll out the welcome mat. Chances are you're just here to find out if McE's haphazard characterization was tongue-and-cheek or on-the-level. (It is, after all, hard to tell sometimes. That sardonic rapier wit.) Now that you've no doubt cleared that one up for yourselves, may I express my heartfelt (though akward) thanks for your visit, and wish you well on your internetravails. Here's one for the road.

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  1. Blogger nightquill 

    Aw, come on. I've been reading Colin McEnroe's columns since 1988. If he says you're a genius, you're a genius.


  2. Blogger coturnix 

    You may be interested in the origin of the phrase "note to self".

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    It may also be helpful for you to know he refers to you as such on his radio show as well. Sounds pretty genuine while doing it.

  4. Blogger ericdbernasek 

    Ugh. And, ugh.

  5. Blogger Colin 

    I'm sorry!!!!!!!!
    I'll NEVER call you a genius again!
    I promise!

  6. Blogger ericdbernasek 

    How about "eric-the-genus" [or] "eric-the-genial" [or] "eric-the-gellid" [or, strangely apropos to the blogging world] "eric-the-genic"?

    I was always fond of eric-the-half-a-bee.

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